Jquery Smart Horizontal Menu Plugin

This is a jquery horizontal menu plugin. It has no css dependency and not more than one image (optional), so it is very light weight and easy to use. It will be very useful when you have a menu with unlimited ul and li. It has no limitation of sub menus. One more specialty of this jquery horizontal menu plugin is that you can add a “more” menu to the main menu bar and wrap all other menus in it when it’s more than your given numbers of menu items. You can customize it in many ways, like animation, hover color e.t.c.

How to use it:

$(document).ready(function() {
   $('#my_menu').smartmenu(); // my_menu is the ul id, you may change it


1. ul_background:changes background color/image of the menu bar
2. normal_color:Color for the menu item
3. hover_color:Hover color for the menu item
4. submenu_normal_backcolor:Background color for the sub menu
5. submenu_hover_backcolor:Background color for the sub menu on hover
6. menu_border_color:Border color for the whole menu
7. max_menu_check:Checks maximum menu to show if true, by default it’s false
8. max_menu:How many menus to show, use this with max_menu_check:true option
9. parent_menuitem_animation:True for animated menu, by default it’s false

With all options

$().ready(function() {
	ul_background:'white url(./background.png)',
	normal_color: 'gray',
	hover_color: 'darkgray',
	submenu_normal_backcolor: '#F4F4F4',
	submenu_hover_backcolor: '#D8D9D9',
	menu_border_color: 'gray',

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