Laravel Tips – Automatic Input Filtering

Todays topic is about how to filter user inputs automatically to remove commas (thousand separator) before validating. Going to share the way I solved the problem. So, a few days ago I was working on a project of mine where I had to develop a web based accounting software for a travel agent. So I’ve […]


Laravel – From Eloquent To JavaScript Object

Often we may need to pass variables from server side to client for using it in a JavaScript file or in a global script. It’s possible to write JavaScript code from server side script, for example, we may use something like this: echo “”; This will generate something like this: So, we can use it […]


Laravel – Using Repository Pattern

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP MVC frameworks and taking the Php community rapidly than any other frameworks probably couldn’t do and it’s because of a great combination of power, extensibility and easiness. The framework provides so many ways to a developer to develop an application using one or another, depending on the […]


Laravel – Useful RenderSections Method In View

In Laravel PHP MVC Framework, to send content back to the browser one must use a return keyword from a controller with the rendered content, like: return View::make(‘home.index’); This is a very simple example and very common in any Laravel application and any developer knows what is this code for, obviously any developer means a […]


Laravel – Route Matched Event

In Laravel there is a nice way to listen for many events, built-in and custom events, simply using code like this: Event::listen(‘event_name’, function($object) { }); We can register event listeners. In Laravel documentation on their website, mentioned about Application Events and also about Custom Events (defined by user). There are also some special events available […]


Bootstrap 3 – One Delete Confirm Dialog For All

There is no need for a brief about twitter bootstrap, we all (web developers) know what is it and we also know the benefits for using the twitter bootstrap in any project. Recently version – 3 of twitter bootstrap has been released and there are some changes has been made in the new version and […]


Laravel – Model Relationship to Itself

Laravel provides a nice and easy way to build model relationship using some methods like hasOne(), hasMany(), belongsTo() and belongsToMany() and each one of these methods are used for different kinds of relationships, for example, hasOne() used for one to one relationship and hasMany() for one to many and so on. These methods let use […]


Laravel – Manually Invalidate A Validation

Laravel provides a nice extensible and easy validation class to validate user inputs but Sometimes we may need to forcefully invalidate a passed validation. For example, a few days ago I realized that in one of my projects. I had a table with fields group_name and name along with other fields and when inserting data […]